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Can I use my own email provider to send the automated emails for maximum deliverability?

Automated emails can run into lots of problems with email providers these days. We have allowed you to directly tie in your SMTP credentials, or directly into your Gmail account so that your automated emails are sent directly from your own email inbox which will get you a lot more deliverability than generic email servers sending on your behalf.


What makes the ResponsiBid proposals so powerful?

ResponsiBid proposals tend to close more than 80% of the time and at higher prices! Why? Because they naturally upsell better packages by using the same proven strategies used by national retailers. The user-friendly proposals allow prospects to become customers by simply selecting one of the options.

Can I integrate videos into my sales process and proposals?

Yes. Your proposals will sell based on value. And this video is an example of just one of the 4 kinds of video that you can integrate into your ResponsiBid bidding system. You can integrate any Vimeo or YouTube video directly into your selling or bidding process.

Isn’t ResponsiBid making the quoting process too simple?

ResponsiBid’s helpful graphics guide your customers and employees. In our fully customizable deluxe and premium accounts, you can adapt the wording of the titles and descriptions for your specific area and determine how your customers will interact with it. Don’t worry. Your account comes loaded with all the defaults. You simply turn off or change whatever you want so you can use your own pricing strategy and lingo. You can actually use the simplicity to make your proposals way more powerful and more profitable!

Does ResponsiBid have any reporting features?

ResponsiBid makes it a breeze to track stats like your close rate, average ticket price, and top-performing lead sources. Once you start running all your bids through ResponsiBid, not only will you easily be able to find and follow up with all of your leads—you’ll also open up a new window into your business! This will help you know what you never knew before! And you’ll know it at a glance. Without doing anything extra.

Does ResponsiBid have an open API?

We have an API, and you can even use our Zapier connection to connect to lots of other softwares. However, we do not currently have an open API. We will, however, manually connect ResponsiBid to any software that will allow us to access their API. We do this so that you don’t have to take on the burden of doing it yourself, but it may take us some time before we can complete the connection depending on how complex the API is, and how involved you want the API to be.

Can I integrate my Google calendar into ResponsiBid?

When you schedule a job in ResponsiBid, you can have it automatically schedule the job in your Google Calendars. And if you need to move the event in Google Calendar later on, ResponsiBid will make all the necessary adjustments to your follow-up so you always look like the hero!

Do you have franchise options?

We have a franchise model that will allow for extra customization and visibility into franchises. Please contact us to learn about the options that we can offer.

What software does ResponsiBid connect to?

Connect ResponsiBid to your favorite “Customer Relationship Management” (CRM) software so that every time a bid or lead comes in, you will find all of the data exactly where you would expect it to be in the software and ready to move forward. We make connecting to your CRM easy and effortless by simply turning it on… No coding required. We connect to Jobber, The Customer Factor, All Clients, Service Monster, and Hatch Marketing platforms effortlessly. You can use our Zapier connection to connect to lots of other software too. Feel free to inquire if we can connect to your favorite CRM!

Does ResponsiBid work on mobile devices out in the field?

ResponsiBid works on mobile devices natively from the browser. You can bookmark ResponsiBid to your home screen and use it just like you would an app when you are out in the field. This makes it so that everyone is up to date all the time and has the proper tool right when it’s needed.

How does ResponsiBid systematize the quoting process?

ResponsiBid makes giving quotes as simple as collecting specifications about a job, running it through your pricing structure, and then building a beautiful proposal. Your staff can collect the specifications over the phone or in person. Once you feel comfortable running your quotes though ResponsiBid, you can even install ResponsiBid onto your website for customers to interact with.

What industries does ResponsiBid work best in?

Carpet Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Pressure Washing

Gutter Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Window Tinting

Maid Service

Lawn Care & Landscaping

Deck Cleaning & Restoration 

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Christmas Light Installation

Concrete Cleaning

Glass Scratch Removal & Restoration

Can I add custom items to any bid on the fly to make sure that I add in any special services?

Using the custom item area allows you to build out limitless, yet specific bids outside of ResponsiBid’s native service modules. ResponsiBid even automatically templates any custom items your business has used in the past.

Can you make me a custom module for my company?

We can build you a tailor-made module that is only for your business that would allow for automated bids that no other company on the planet would have access to. Ask us about our “Tailor-Made Modules” built with love by our development team specifically for your company.

Can I adjust the pricing that ResponsiBid auto generates?

Sometimes prices aren’t cut and dried. ResponsiBid gives you the power to discount, upcharge, or set a specific price so that you have total control of the final outcome.

How does the automated follow-up in ResponsiBid work?

ResponsiBid’s built-in automation will let you build out custom follow-up sequences. Then you can set timers for the templates. You can rest assured that all of your leads are staying warm and nurtured. You can also customize the templates for specific customers. In any case, the follow-up automation safety net will help you confidently know that your customers aren’t falling through the cracks. ResponsiBid’s auto follow-up uses emails, sms, and auto status changing that you can also use to remind you to make phone calls at certain points in the follow-up process.

Does ResponsiBid always require lots of personal information?

ResponsiBid isn’t just a calculator. It’s responsible bidding software that makes sure no prices are given out without first collecting the vital contact information you specify. Every bid is withheld until this information is gathered ensuring your leads are fully qualified. This guarantees that your prospects are entering your system and giving you something to follow-up with. You can set what is required and what is not. When you bid from within the call screen of the admin area you can decide to not collect certain information if you decide you don’t want to. But from your website, no customer can get a bid without giving the information you require.

Is ResponsiBid a CRM?

No, ResponsiBid is a bidding and sales tool including follow-up automation, but in order to keep our focus on making the best bidding and sales tool to maximize your profit and revenue, ResponsiBid is not a scheduling, routing, invoicing, or accounting software. We do connect to CRMs so that you can avoid dual entry if your CRM allows for web-based connections.

Yes, you can use the ResponsiBid free trial to give it a shot without a credit card, but even then, we have an ROI guarantee that assures you can’t lose money!