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See how ResponsiBid works with you.

Sign up for a ResponsiBid account, and set it up to fit your business.

Your account will come loaded with the defaults. But you can adjust whatever you need to — the services you offer, your pricing strategy, even adapt the wording of titles and descriptions to match your lingo.

Add the instant quote feature to your website and jobs will be showing up in your inbox in no time.

Few people have time to call around for multiple quotes these days. If you can give them an instant quote, you hugely increase the chances of getting their business.

Proposal videos separate your company from the competition and allow you to take that great sales pitch you normally give in person, and include it with every proposal. Even for people who don't want to talk to another human. You all win!

Now instead of reinventing for every quote, you just collect some info and run it through ResponsiBid

When you have a solid system for quoting, it's faster, less stressful, and lets you quote with full confidence that you've been thorough and fair.

Let your customers choose the services they want off the menu.  They often want more than you expected.

Not every customer just wants the lowest price. Some want all the bells and whistles and are willing to pay a premium. But you don't have to figure out who's who — ResponsiBid lets them up-sell themselves.

ResponsiBid helps you overcome the communication issues that come with over-the-phone quoting, and provide a quick, accurate quote.

There's a million reasons why business owners think this is impossible. But the fact is, for ResponsiBid users it's a breeze. And guess what? They're saving tons of time, and closing more jobs at higher prices with less effort.

If you don’t close the deal on the spot or over the phone, ResponsiBid will send them a proposal that looks like a million bucks.

Not only do ResponsiBid proposals look great, but the fact that they are so clear and comprehensive gives the customer confidence that they're dealing with pros, and will get good value for their money.

If you don’t hear back, ResponsiBid will follow up and make sure they don’t slip through the cracks.

When people don't call you back, it's not always because they're not interested — sometimes they're just busy and don't get around to it. ResponsiBid automatically sends out reminders to help them remember to follow up. And it works.

Even your guys on the road can be closing jobs. ResponsiBid is so easy, anyone can do it.  No more ‘I’ll have to talk to the boss’

And it won't take them months of training to learn your secret quoting system. They just need to run it through ResponsiBid, and the customer will get a perfect proposal every time.

Loaded with customization and integration options, and other features to help you keep on top of things.

Gmail / Google calendar integration

Better email deliverability, and all your jobs automatically scheduled in Google calendar

Powerful proposals with video integration

ResponsiBid proposals tend to close more than 80% of the time and at higher prices


Keep everyone up to date all the time, with the right tool at their fingertips.

CRM Connections

We make connecting to your CRM software easy — just turn it on. No coding required.

Auto reporting

Track stats like your close rate, average ticket price, and top-performing lead sources.

Customization galore

And if you need something we haven't thought of, ask if we can build it for you.

No matter how you run your business, or where your customers come from, ResponsiBid will help you close more jobs at higher prices with less effort.

Try out ResponsiBid today.

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